Authors: Sharon Pfeiffer, Ronald Davis, Ethel Kellogg, Carol Hern, T.F. McLaughlin, and Gerry Curry.

Article: The Effect of the Davis Learning Strategies on First Grade Word Recognition and Subsequent Special Education Referrals.

Publication: Reading Improvement (Project Innovation). Volume 38, Number 2 (Summer) 2001

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Control Group, Longitudinal Study – California, U.S., 2001: Working under the guidance of T.F. McLaughlin, Ph.D. (Gonzaga University), teachers implemented strategies adapted from the Davis Dyslexia Correction program among 86 primary students in three San Francisco area public school classrooms. First grade students scored significantly higher than a matched control group for the mastery of 100 basic sight words. Follow up data showed that no children who received the Davis intervention needed subsequent special education services, and a higher than expected number of students later qualified for gifted education placement.

Tagged as: Davis Learning Strategies and sight words

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