Authors: Rekha.

Article: Effect of Ron Davis approach and Eclectic approach on reading ability among primary school dyslexic children.

Publication: PhD thesis; 259p. (Panjab University, Dept of Education). 2010

The present study was experimental in nature and belongs to the area of Special
Education. It was related to the Dyslexic children. In this study an attempt was made to
identify dyslexic students studying in various schools of Nawanshahr and treating them
with the help of Ron Davis and Eclectic Approaches. Through this research, an attempt
was made to answer questions such as; Does the incidences of dyslexia exists in the
population? Are the Ron Davis and Eclectic Approaches superior than Traditional
Approach in improving reading ability of dyslexic children when groups were matched
with respect to Pre-reading ability?

Findings: Ron Davis Approach was found to be superior to traditional approach in
improving word reading of the students when groups were matched with respect
to pre-test scores for word reading, comprehension, pre-spelling, fluency, reading ability, and academic achievement in English.

Excerpts from Full Text / Notes:

students were referred from 10 randomly selected schools by their teachers; third/fourth grade, age 8-11. 83 students referred; 30 determined to be dyslexic.


  • Annah M

    I am 57 years old and I can read properly but I have a problem grasping, understanding or memorizing what I’ve read. Am I dyslexic?

    • Abigail Marshall, DDAI webmaster

      If you have had these problems with reading comprehension & memory your whole life, then they are very likely tied to dyslexia, which is tied to the way the brain processes language. If the problems have only started recently then there could be other medical issues that might be the reason for the changes.

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