Rumsey Horwitz 1999

Authors: Rumsey JM, Horwitz B, Donohue BC, Nace KL, Maisog JM, Andreason P..

Article: A functional lesion in developmental dyslexia: left angular gyral blood flow predicts severity..

Publication: Brain and Language 70(2):187-204 1999

Functional imaging studies have shown reduced regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) in temporal and inferior parietal regions in dyslexia. To relate such abnormalities to the severity of dyslexia, correlations between reading skill and rCBF during a series of reading tasks and visual fixation were mapped for 17 right-handed dyslexic men, ages 18-40, and 14 matched controls. These correlations uniquely identified the left angular gyrus as the most probable site of a functional lesion in dyslexia: Here, higher rCBF was associated with better reading skill in controls (p <.01), but with worse reading skill in dyslexia (p <.01). This suggests that greater reliance on this region normally facilitates reading, but impairs reading in dyslexia.

Tagged as: altbrain and wordmeaning

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