Authors: Vijayaletchumy Subramaniam and Kavenia Kunasegran.

Article: Visual Dyslexia Symptoms vs. The Level of Learning of Dyslexic Children.

Publication: Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur Research Journal (Infrastructure University). Vol. 7, No. 2, pp 1-7 2019

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This study focuses on visual dyslexia symptoms shown by students whom have been formally diagnosed clinically with dyslexia. The researcher carried out this study by conducting observations in classrooms, interviews with parents and teachers from the place of study and handing out questionnaires. To further strengthen the validation of study, the researcher has chosen the headquarters of the Malaysia Dyslexia Association as the place of study because the students enrolled have already been diagnosed with dyslexia. The study was conducted through two phases, namely identifying visual dyslexic symptoms commonly experienced by dyslexic students and analyzing visual dyslexia symptoms according to the level of learning. This study involved 80 students as the sample of this study and 4 teachers as the respondents. The results showed that dyslexic students showed different visual dyslexia symptoms according to their level of learning, namely beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Tagged as: visual perception

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