Authors: Tafti, Mahnaz Akhavan, Joseph R Boyle, Candy Marie Crawford.

Article: Meta-Analysis of Visual-Spatial Deficits in Dyslexia.

Publication: International Journal of Brain and Cognitive Sciences 3(1): 25-34 2014 | DOI: 10.5923/j.ijbcs.20140301.03


Individuals with learning disabilities (LD) have significant difficulties with academic
learning despite appropriate educational opportunities and an absence of intellectual
impairments or an identifiable disease or disorder that might otherwise account for the
problem. Many researchers have begun to concentrate on the different and
nontraditional strengths and capabilities of individuals with learning disabilities,
which so far have not been recognized or highly valued by the schools.

In the current study, the findings of the related studies are summarized: the insights
from multiple intelligences, differentiated instruction and visual-spatial learning
theories for students with LD. The evidence of talents and strengths of the students
labeled as learning disabled from each mentioned perspective and the implications
and some practical recommendations for the schools are discussed.

Tagged as: visual-spatial skills