Authors: Þorsteinsson, Einar Kristinn.

Article: Dyslexia and Academic Success: What enables dyslexic students to advance to higher education?.

Publication: Skemmen (Master's Thesis, University of Iceland) 2015

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The focus of the study was to identify what common features enables dyslexic students to achieve higher education. This was done by interviewing nine dyslexic students that had successfully achieved higher education and were currently studying at Reykjavík University (HR). The study also focused on upper secondary school experience of the students, with a emphasis on foreign language learning. A teacher of a dyslexia course was also interviewed to get a broader experience on the topic. The findings of the research was that the participants commonly indicated that they had received support that helped them achieve higher education. Another finding of the study was that the participants all had characteristics that helped them become successful; perseverance and maturity. Motivation and self-esteem was also reported to help these students. Other findings were that the participants found foreign language learning difficult. English was reported to be especially difficult, as few of the participants claimed that they thought English was the most difficult subject in secondary school. English was found to be considered important tool by the participants as some of them had gone to language schools or moved abroad just to learn the language.

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