Evidence for a preserved sensitivity to orthographic redundancy and an impaired access to phonological syllables in French developmental dyslexics (2013 – Journal Article) (Nadège Doignon-Camus, Alix Seigneuric, Emeline Perrier, Aurélie Sisti & Daniel Zagar)

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Effectiveness of spelling interventions for learners with dyslexia: A meta-analysis and systematic review (2020 – Journal Article) (Katharina Galuschka, Ruth Görgen, Julia Kalmar, Stefan Haberstroh, Xenia Schmalz & Gerd Schulte-Körne)

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Sight word acquisition in first grade students at risk for reading disabilities: an item-level exploration of the number of exposures required for mastery (2020 – Open Access) (Laura M Steacy, Douglas Fuchs, Jennifer K Gilbert , Devin M Kearns, Amy […]

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