Sharon Pfeiffer

iconSharon Pfeiffer was an experienced teacher and one of the founders of DDAI. Before her retirement 2015, she worked for many years as a Davis Specialist Trainer, Fundamentals Workshop Presenter, and Davis Learning Strategies Presenter & Mentor Trainer. Sharon pioneered and directed the Davis Learning Strategies classroom program and guided the first research study of that program. Unfortunately, Sharon passed away in 2019.


Articles on this site


Getting Ready for School: Head Start Activities for the Home

Preparing a child for first grade involves much more than just pencil and paper. There are many things you can do with your child every day that are not only fun, but will help make the transition to school easy. […]

Published Research


Longitudinal study of 86 primary level students taught with Davis strategies in 3 groups. Students scored significantly higher on recognition of basic sight words than students in matched control groups.