High IQ and dyslexia


Do all dyslexics have high IQ's?


Ron Davis believes that all dyslexics have certain talents, which are shared by many famous dyslexics who are considered to be geniuses. These are:

  1. They can utilize the brain’s ability to alter and create perceptions (the primary ability).
  2. They are highly aware of the environment.
  3. They are more curious than average.
  4. They think mainly in pictures instead of words.
  5. They are highly intuitive and insightful.
  6. They think and perceive multi-dimensionally (using all the senses).
  7. They can experience thought as reality.
  8. They have vivid imaginations.

Dr. Linda Silverman, of The Gifted Development Center, has found that it is common forvery highly gifted children to have a visual-spatial learning style, and that these children also often have learning problems commonly associated with dyslexia.

(Answer by Abigail Marshall)

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