Authors: Shayan, Nasrm, Mahnaz Akhvan Tafti, Hasan Asheri.

Article: Impact of Davis Dyslexia Correction Method on the Improvement of the Adult Dyslexic's Reading Skills.

Publication: Journal of Educational Psychology Studies 7(12):23-46, Fall 2010-Winter 2011

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Empirical (quasi-experimental) – Iran, 2010: Researchers investigated the efficiency of Davis Dyslexia Correction Method on adult dyslexics’ reading skills. Sixteen adult dyslexics (17-40 years of age) were selected randomly through multi-stage sampling. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS-R) and informal reading inventory were administered as preliminary diagnostic tests. Then Davis Dyslexia Correction method (Orientation Counseling and Symbol Mastery) was conducted on the clients individually for 30 sessions (each session 90 minutes). Post-tests were conducted upon completion of program (treatment). The results of T-test analysis showed that the intervention program significantly and substantially increased reading proficiency and comprehension in the study subjects.

Tagged as: adults, orientation counseling, and symbol mastery

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