Gustave Flaubert

12 December 1821 – 8 May 1880


Having made a strenuous effort to understand the symbols he could make nothing of, [Gustave Flaubert] wept giant tears…. For a long time he could not understand the elementary connection that made of two letters one-syllable, of several syllables a word.


Caroline Commanville (Flaubert’s Niece)


  • Memoirs of a Madman (1838)
  • Madame Bovary (1857)
  • Salammbô (1862)
  • Sentimental Education (1869)
  • The Temptation of Saint Anthony (1874)
  • Three Tales (1877)
  • Le Château des cœurs (1880)
  • Bouvard et Pécuchet (1881)
  • Dictionary of Received Ideas (1911)

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