Swords and Stationery Interview

An interview with Christina Tan, a parent of a dyslexic child living in Singapore

from Swords & Stationery

Published on 04/07/2017 - Reported by Teacher Shaun
Featuring the work of Christina Tan

As an educational therapist, I’ve worked closely with many parents of special needs children. I’ve seen the struggles that they can face, where oftentimes confusion and despair come from not having a firm, solid shoulder to lean on. Recently, I came across a parent-support group (Dyslexia Support Group Singapore) for people with dyslexic children. The initiative is spearheaded by Christina Tan, a lawyer by training and mother of two, one of whom has dyslexia. I reached out to Christina for a chat and an interview—several areas were discussed, including the difficulties that her daughter (’E’) had faced and what she had done to help ‘E’ overcome them.