Dyslexia without reading problems


Can someone have dyslexia without reading problems?


Ron Davis refers to dyslexia as a “self-created” condition. He does not mean that it is a person’s fault that they have dyslexia, but rather that the particular symptoms stem from an individual’s life experiences.

Many dyslexic people are, in fact, very good readers, but struggle tremendously with spelling or writing. It is also very possible for a person to have only mild symptoms of dyslexia, or to have severe symptoms but only experience them occasionally.

The term “stealth dyslexia” (coined by Drs. Brock and Fernette Eide) is sometimes used to refer to this sort of dyslexia, because people with this profile typically do not perform poorly enough on tests of reading ability to be formally identified as dyslexic. However, their problems generally stem from the same underlying causes as individuals who have more classical manifestations of dyslexia.

If these symptoms are significant enough to cause problems for the person — in school, the workplace, or other aspects of their lives – then it would be appropriate for the person to seek help to correct their problems,whether or not they qualify for a formal diagnosis.


(Answer by Abigail Marshall)