Authors: Alex Anzelmo.

Article: Healthcare/Patient Interactions and the Possible Pitfalls – A Narrative Review.

Publication: Journal of Rheumatology, Orthopedics and Sports Sciences (Uniscience). 2(1): 1-10 2022

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I write this review by way of sharing with healthcare
practitioners (HCP’s) around the globe, the possible pitfalls
of not considering patient interactions in an holistic manner.
By not doing so, complaints to the HCP’s individual medical
regulating authority may arise. This was certainly the case for
me. However, more importantly, by making this consideration
during the patient encounter, it will lead to the delivery of a
better service and outcome to said patients. In this piece I will
outline the steps I incorporate in said patient interactions that
will lead to better service delivery and outcomes of patient

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Anzelmo A. Healthcare/Patient Interactions and the Possible Pitfalls – A Narrative Review. j rhem ortho & sports sci,2022; 2(1): 1-10

One comment

  • vahid

    good article. Shows the possible problems health care practitioners can have and not realise why the problem arose. something for all of us to consider when we treat patients

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