Testing for adults


Where can an adult get tested for dyslexia?


There are two types of testing that adults who think they are dyslexic may want to consider:

  • dyslexia screening, or
  • full assessment services.

Dyslexia screening is ordinarily done as a first step toward getting help by a provider of services geared to dyslexia, and is generally not expensive. For example, Davis Dyslexia Correction providers use a screening test called the Davis Perceptual Ability Assessment. Together with your own description of your symptoms and problems – the possible signs you have noticed – this Assessment will help determine whether Davis methods are likely to help you.

Full assessment services will give you a more complete picture of various learning issues and problems you may have. This sort of assessment is needed if you want to get special accommodations at school or at work, or are concerned about possible workplace discrimination.

This sort of testing is more expensive, but also gives a more detailed measurement of what sort of problems you have. On the other hand, the providers of this sort of assessment generally will not provide you with specific remediation or other help, although they may make some generalized suggestions or recommendations.

To find out where you can get this sort of assessment, you might want to try the following resources:

  • If you are a college student, your college or university may have a student disabilities services office that can refer you for testing.
  • If you are in the military, testing for learning disabilities may be available free of charge.
  • You might be able to get a referral for low or reduced cost testing through a local Adult Literacy Group or Vocational Rehab services.
  • In some cases, testing might be available via a medical referral – check with your health plan or physician as to this possibility.

Common Characteristics of Adult Dyslexia

Common Characteristics of Adult Dyslexia

Most adult dyslexics will exhibit at least 10 of the following traits and behaviors. These characteristics are often inconsistent, and may vary depending upon the day or situation. Career: Employed in job/position that will hide difficulties...