Authors: Katja Mense-Seerich.


Publication: Legasthenie Dyskalkulie decodieren: Wie mein Kind lernt, seine Legasthenie zu kontrollieren (HDW.VERDEN). 2021

Decoding dyslexia / dyscalculia – How my child learns to control their dyslexia.
By Katja Mense-Seerich

When letters, numbers and other symbols suddenly do what they want,
it becomes quite difficult to take part in class at school.
How then, if letters simply disappear or hide behind one another
and become black spots, or just start to wobble?

How can children learn the cultural techniques of reading, writing and arithmetic,
when their perception leads them to believe something like that? And what is often related to it?
What happens there and how my child learns to control his dyslexia is shown in this book,
told in a charming way.

The pedagogical didactic approach is explained on 82 pages and told with examples. The book shows a different perspective on the most common learning problems.

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