Laura Zink de Diaz

Laura Zink de DiazLaura Zink de Diaz is the founder of Prolinguista, a provider of workshops in TPR and instructional materials for foreign language and ESL teachers. She is also a licensed Davis Dyslexia Correction® provider and provides services to students in Spanish and English in Colombia; her web site is at Laura was the managing editor of The Dyslexic Reader for many years.



Articles on this site


TPR Foreign Language Instruction and Dyslexia

Because I’m a former language teacher and consultant in TPR (Total Physical Response) and language instruction in general, I’m asked with some regularity about appropriate foreign language instruction for students with a dyslexic learning or thinking style. I’m quick to […]


Articles in The Dyslexic Reader:

  • Asher’s Laws on Language Learning and Teaching (Issue 59)
  • bAd Boy Makes Good Vicenzo Gicmmanco, producer of "bAd", a short film about a dyslexic child (Issue 49)
  • Creatividad: ¿En Qué Consiste y Cómo La Cultivamos? (Issue 54)
  • Creativity: What is It- And Where Can I Get Some (Issue 54)
  • Down the Educational Memory Hole Physical Activity and Attention Focus (Issue 52)
  • Down with Fractions!? (Issue 48)
  • Ecos Colombianos (Issue 42)
  • Finding the Right Niche (Issue 49)
  • Have Tools – Will Time Travel (Issue 41)
  • Joaquín: Diaro de un éxito (Issue 47)
  • Joaquín: Diary of a Success Story (Issue 46)
  • La Fidelidad de Uchi (Issue 49)
  • Lunacy The Educational Burden of Standardized Testing (Issue 59)
  • Malfunction or Adaptive Solution? (Issue 52)
  • Mejor prender una vela … (Issue 52)
  • Mirror, Mirror, in My Head Mirror Neurons and Social-Emotional Learning (Issue 44)
  • More Evidence that Davis is ‘Just Good Teaching’ Six Essential Principles of Learning (Issue 59)
  • More on Foreign Language Intruction (Issue 41)
  • Musings on “Assuming the Best” (Issue 50)
  • Sleeping in Pellucidar Imagining a world without the concept of time (Issue 60)
  • Sleeping on Earth A historical look at how indoor lighting changed sleep patterns (Issue 60)
  • Steadfast Uchi (Issue 50)
  • Taare Zameen Par Wins Film Awards in India (Issue 48)
  • That’s Ostrobogulous! (Issue 54)
  • The Armchair of Dreams (Issue 59)
  • The Beginning of the End of ‘Reading First’ (Issue 49)
  • Time for a “Slow Speech” Movement? (Issue 51)
  • TPR (Total Physical Response) Foreign Language Instruction for the Dyslexia Learning Style (Issue 40)
  • Weaning Education Off Textbooks Why reading alone doesn't work for learning and retaining new concepts (Issue 59)
  • What the World Needs Now, is a Few More Hiccups (Issue 59)



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