Laura Zink de Diaz

Laura Zink de DiazLaura Zink de Diaz is the founder of Prolinguista, a provider of workshops in TPR and instructional materials for foreign language and ESL teachers. She is also a licensed Davis Dyslexia Correction® provider and provides services to students in Spanish and English in Colombia; her web site is at Laura was the managing editor of The Dyslexic Reader for many years.



Articles on this site


TPR Foreign Language Instruction and Dyslexia

The Total Physical Response approach to foreign language instruction and how it helps dyslexic learners


Articles in The Dyslexic Reader:

  • All the Rest is Noise The impact of poverty on student achievement (Issue 68)
  • An Elegant Reply Proud to be dyslexic (Issue 66)
  • Another Davis Success Story Sara earns her PhD (Issue 62)
  • Asher’s Laws on Language Learning and Teaching (Issue 59)
  • bAd Boy Makes Good Vicenzo Gicmmanco, producer of "bAd", a short film about a dyslexic child (Issue 49)
  • Book Review: Free to Learn Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self Reliant, and Better Students for Life (by Peter Gray) (Issue 63)
  • Book Review: Michael Vey The Prisoner of Cell 25 Book One (by Richard Paul Evans) (Issue 64)
  • Book Review: Readicide How Schools Are Killing Reading and What You Can Do About It (by Kelly Gallagher) (Issue 64)
  • Book Review: Reign of Error The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools, by Diane Ravitch (Issue 65)
  • Book Review: Teaching the Critical Vocabulary of the Common Core 55 Words That Make or Break Student Understanding (by Marilee Sprenger) (Issue 64)
  • Common Sense vs. Common Core: How to Minimize the Damages of the Common Core In-depth review of Yong Zhao blog (Issue 61)
  • Creatividad: ¿En Qué Consiste y Cómo La Cultivamos? (Issue 54)
  • Creativity: What is It- And Where Can I Get Some (Issue 54)
  • Down the Educational Memory Hole Physical Activity and Attention Focus (Issue 52)
  • Down with Fractions!? (Issue 48)
  • Ecos Colombianos (Issue 42)
  • Finding the Right Niche (Issue 49)
  • Have Tools – Will Time Travel (Issue 41)
  • Joaquín: Diaro de un éxito (Issue 47)
  • Joaquín: Diary of a Success Story (Issue 46)
  • Keep On Reading Aloud Motivation, interest, and engagement are enhanced when teachers read to students (Issue 63)
  • La Fidelidad de Uchi (Issue 49)
  • Lunacy The Educational Burden of Standardized Testing (Issue 59)
  • Making Sense of What’s On The Page 7 Traits of Effective Readers (Issue 67)
  • Malfunction or Adaptive Solution? (Issue 52)
  • Mejor prender una vela … (Issue 52)
  • Mirror, Mirror, in My Head Mirror Neurons and Social-Emotional Learning (Issue 44)
  • More Evidence that Davis is ‘Just Good Teaching’ Six Essential Principles of Learning (Issue 59)
  • More on Foreign Language Intruction (Issue 41)
  • Musings on “Assuming the Best” (Issue 50)
  • Names Removed to Protect The Courageous and some very brave teachers around the US (Issue 67)
  • Poor Speller? Relax A look at some famous poor spellers through history (Issue 65)
  • Rescuing Childhood The importance of childhood play (Issue 66)
  • School of None The Realitly and the Hype Behind Online Learning and other Educational Initiatives (Issue 62)
  • Sleeping in Pellucidar Imagining a world without the concept of time (Issue 60)
  • Sleeping on Earth A historical look at how indoor lighting changed sleep patterns (Issue 60)
  • Steadfast Uchi (Issue 50)
  • Taare Zameen Par Wins Film Awards in India (Issue 48)
  • That’s Ostrobogulous! (Issue 54)
  • The Armchair of Dreams (Issue 59)
  • The Beginning of the End of ‘Reading First’ (Issue 49)
  • The Best Answer: Opt Out Standardized Assessments? Say No. (Issue 69)
  • The Bird in the Window Review of The Gorilla in the Room, by Susan Ohanian (Issue 62)
  • The Problem with Reading By-the-Numbers (Issue 69)
  • Tick, Tock, Get Off the Clock Eliminating Time as a Metric in Testing (Issue 62)
  • Time for a “Slow Speech” Movement? (Issue 51)
  • Timed Tests and the Development of Math Anxiety Review of article by Jo Boaler (Issue 61)
  • TPR (Total Physical Response) Foreign Language Instruction for the Dyslexia Learning Style (Issue 40)
  • Weaning Education Off Textbooks Why reading alone doesn't work for learning and retaining new concepts (Issue 59)
  • What Can’t Be Measured What standardized tests can't tell us (Issue 66)
  • What Kids Are Reading The Book-Reading Habits of Students in American Schools (Issue 63)
  • What Kids are Reading The Book-Reading Habits of Students in American Schools (Issue 68)
  • What the World Needs Now, is a Few More Hiccups (Issue 59)
  • What’s Really Wrong With School 10 Problems with Common Core Standards (Issue 67)



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