FAQ: Dyslexic Education

Educational Strategies and Options.



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  • Megan

    My 1st grader was diagnosed with dyslexia the week before the school year ended. Now she is being threatened with summer school. She was in a gifted class with 2nd grade reading comprehension tests. She failed ELA by 2 points. Is this allowed?

    • Abigail Marshall, DDAI webmaster

      Megan, each state in the US has different rules about grade retention in public schools. However, if your child was diagnosed through testing by the school, she should be entitled to an IEP under federal law, and that in turn may impact educational planning. If it is an outside diagnosis that came after testing you arranged privately, you will have a few more steps to follow to arrange for an IEP or for accommodations for your daughter. I think it’s best if you consult with an advocate in your state. There also may be an appeals process for you to follow — so again, best to work with someone who understands the process in your state.