Davis method effectiveness


How do Davis methods compare in effectiveness with other approaches for dyslexia?


Davis methods are particularly effective for dyslexic students who fit the profile of strengths and weaknesses described in the book The Gift of Dyslexia. The Davis Dyslexia Correction program is always given one-on-one, usually over the course of about 30 hours in 5 consecutive days, with follow up work and practice done independently by the client with the help of parents or other support persons. The dyslexia program is geared to individuals age 8 and over.

Because each person is different, the rate of progress over the course of the 5-day program is variable, but it is reasonable to expect that a child will reach basic grade level reading skills at the end of facilitated program. Some students will exceed grade level.  The rate of improvement tends to increase with age; that is, a 12 year old will typically show more rapid and dramatic progress than an 8 year old.

A study conducted by Italian researchers and published in 2003 showed that students given Davis Orientation Counseling alone showed in increased level of oral reading fluency that was double or triple the rate of students evaluated with seven different and separate interventions.

Davis is a more comprehensive approach with a shorter time frame for delivery than most other approaches.  Davis combines tools for improving attention focus and resolving perceptual confusion with specific tools for building word recognition skills and increasing reading fluency and comprehension.